Which band should I join?

BAND DESCRIPTORS – which band to choose!

To assist you in deciding which group(s) you should join, we have provided a list of the various ensembles and descriptors for each. As always, if you aren’t sure which group would be the best fit for you, please feel free to discuss your choice with the respective band conductor.

Beginner Band: Open to all instrumentation, this group is intended for those who have no previous musical experience, have never before played a musical instrument or have had limited experience on an instrument. The focus is primarily on learning the technical aspects of playing an instrument including, care,& maintenance, proper breathing, posture, the elements of tone production and musical notation. In the latter part of the season, there will be a shift to incorporating repertoire geared to performance. Members are free to choose any brass, woodwind, percussion or string instrument (cello or string bass). At the initial meeting in September there will be an opportunity to discuss instrument choices prior to the first rehearsal. You are responsible for providing the instrument of your choice as well as a one-time purchase of an instruction book.

Intermediate Band: This group is best described as a transitional band with increased emphasis on repertoire but with a continued focus on technical fundamentals. This would be an ideal placement for those who are returning to music performance after an extended absence or are looking to take up a different instrument.

Concert Band: In this band the focus is on repertoire beyond 2nd year level with musical and technical challenges while recognizing the need to approach the repertoire with an instructional perspective to facilitate individual development.

Wind Ensemble: This ensemble performs a concentrated repertoire requiring a level of competence to meet the technical demands without the need for detailed technical instruction.

Beginner Jazz: Open to all instrumentation, members must have successfully completed at least 1 year of instruction and have never before played jazz. Any member who meets the above criteria are encouraged to try.

Jazz Band: This is a performance ensemble playing Big Band music and is open to all instrumentation.