If you are interested in joining one of our bands, please send us an email at 

Read about our different bands below and check out our "2023-24 Schedule" page for more information about rehearsal times.

Thank you for your interest! 

BAND DESCRIPTORS – which band to choose!

To assist you in deciding which group(s) you should join, we have provided a list of the various ensembles and descriptors for each. As always, if you aren’t sure which group would be the best fit for you, please feel free to discuss your choice with the respective band conductor.  

Beginner Band – registration has been minimal in recent years, so for next year Beginner Band will be offered on an ad hoc basis for new registrants. Peter England will provide instruction on a one-to-one basis.

630 Experience Band– these two groups will be combined into a single group with rehearsals to focus on both genres of music throughout the season. Nick Fanner will be conducting this new combined group. A formal name for the combine group has yet to be determined.

Concert Band/Jazz Band - these two groups will continue as before under the capable leadership of Doug Gilmour.

Wind Ensemble – The focus of the Wind Ensemble will remain unchanged. We welcome Nick Fanner as the new conductor of this group. As a former high school band director and organizer of such events as the Canadian Nation Youth Band, Nick is very familiar with the repertoire and the challenges presented to programing and performance that accompanies these choices.